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Making tofu leaves a lot of used soybeans. Renewal Mill found a way to make a fiber-rich, gluten-free flour out of them.

In mid-2016, Claire Schlemme (pictured) became the CEO of Renewal Mill, a public benefit corporation that reduces food waste by transforming fiber-rich scraps from food processing operations into flour that can be sold wholesale. Tofu represents a particularly good test case because it yields such a huge amount of byproduct.
The initial recipe […]

CSIRO Event: Proteins for food and health – sustainable alternatives for future food Seminar Series

Australia’s food and agriculture sector is focussing more on exporting high value sustainable, authentic, healthy, high quality and consistent products. An area identified with huge potential for growth is the alternative proteins space. This is because, as the global population increases and traditional protein sources from meat become increasingly constrained, […]

Introducing the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Today we are pleased to introduce the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR).
DJPR is dedicated to ensuring Victoria’s strong economic performance by growing industries and regions.
Here at DJPR, we’re making sure Victoria’s economy benefits all Victorians by creating more jobs for more people, building thriving places and regions and nurturing inclusive […]

Co-Innovation Webinar

Interested in ways innovation and the pace of practice change can be fostered?  Then this Webinar, presented by Dr James Turner from AgResearch in New Zealand, is for you.
It introduces work from the Primary Innovation project, led by James, who is a Senior Resource Economist.  The project worked with a cross discipline team (pastoral, horticulture […]

A Peek at Your New Plate: How You’ll Be Eating in 2019

New York Times journalist Kim Severson has put together her list of what Americans will be eating in 2019.
The Next Lettuce
The great romaine scare of 2018 — a strain of E. coli that was eventually traced to a reservoir in California — has helped make lettuce ripe for a new star in […]

Cheese tea: the improbable new food fad going mainstream

It sounds ridiculous but cheese tea is tipped as one of the big food trends of 2019, according to the New York Times which dubbed it “the thing you will try against your better judgement”. First concocted in the famed night markets of Taiwan, cheese tea is a cold tea, usually green or black, topped with a thick […]

Success Stories: Exploring opportunities for Australian and Asian food entrepreneurs

Asialink Business and Monash College recently ran a forum on what makes a successful international food business. The forum was chaired by Mark Crosby, Director, Bachelor of Business, Monash University with panellists Ryan Ching, Co-Founder, Banh Mi Kitchen, Hong Kong and Angeline Achariya, CEO, Monash Food Innovation Centre.
Angeline discussed the increasing consumer interest in where […]

ABARES Outlook 2019 conference

Block out these dates in your calendar – Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 March – for the agriculture sector’s premier information and networking event, ABARES Outlook 2019 conference.
Attending ABARES Outlook 2019 conference brings together delegates from a range of sectors to share their industry knowledge.
The program and participants provide a […]

Food drying technology course, 13-14 March, 2019

This short course is presented by FiE and FoodStream in cooperation with CSIRO’s Food Innovation Centre.
This course aims to give participants an understanding of drying technologies commonly used across the food industry and how we can improve current processes and products, and design/select new systems that are safe, effective and efficient.
The program combines […]