Family business – the balance for success

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In May 2018, KPMG in conjunction with Family Business Australia (FBA) and the University of Adelaide released their annual family business survey.

The ninth Family Business Survey from KPMG Enterprise and Family Business Australia (FBA), in collaboration with the University of Adelaide’s Family Business Education and Research Group (FBERG) presents viewpoints from two generations, both the current business leader and the next generation (NXG) of the same family business.

Australian family businesses have colliding perspectives on how they are placed when it comes to many aspects of their wellbeing – with the incumbent generation often a lot more optimistic than the next generation waiting in the wings.

Interestingly two of the three case studies they refer to are food based,

  • The Valmorbida family of Melbourne, who are behind Italian food and wine importing business Joval Group
  • The Dowsing family of Perth, the force behind concrete business Dowsing Group
  • The Fleming / McLean family of Bundaberg, owners of beverage company Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

A vast 70 percent of Australian businesses are family owned. They are the lifeblood of communities and are key to our productivity and economic outlook. That is why
KPMG Enterprise and FBA have been undertaking joint research into the challenges and opportunities of family businesses since 2005, making this body of work the longest running survey of Australian family businesses.

You can find the report here.

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