Farmwall to feature at 2018 Food Forum

Come and meet representatives from the Farmwall team at the 2018 Food Forum at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 19 June.

Farmwall is a startup that is producing edible, vertical, urban gardens that means restaurants can sustainably farm their fresh herbs and micro greens onsite.

“Growing foods in close proximity to where they’ll be used reduces travel, unnecessary packaging and food waste while increasing the taste and quality of the plant,” says co-founder Serena Lee.

“If customers can see their fresh produce being grown around them, it gives them a greater awareness of what it takes to grow that food.”

Beyond raising awareness and giving more people fresh, delicious food, Serena and co-founders Geert Hendrix and Wilson Lennard are trying to address a much bigger problem: food availability.

With a growing city-based population and finite resources, there is an opportunity for Australia to improve its urban-food producing systems to help the people get access to healthy food.

“I am hoping that Australia will catch up with Singapore, Tokyo and Israel who are leaders in this space,” says Serena. “We are looking at the opportunity here in Australia so that we don’t fall behind.”

Serena said she met her fellow co-founders out of a shared passion for sustainability and food production.

“For me it’s been amazing as we’ve been able to fabricate it from thin air and bring it to reality within one year,” Serena says.

Serena is part of Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17. She says the support she gets from the rest of the cohort is incredible.

“Rocket Seeder has been really, really great. The learnings we get from observing everyone grow each week is very informative,” she adds. “It’s an environment where collegiality and collaboration are fostered. The relationship we have with one another means that everyone is trying as much as possible to be helpful to each other.”

The next steps for this small startup will be to use to develop an urban aquaponic farm through which they will be running the edible, vertical, urban model of food production as well as hosting educational workshops and teaching people about the future of food.

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