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Who are Freshlogic?

Martin Kneebone Managing Director of Freshlogic (pictured above) explains who they are, “We are food market researchers and analysts with deep expertise in fresh foods. We set out to deliver commercially valid analysis that can be used to guide investment and strategy decisions. We anchor what we do on our accuracy and the quality of our insights.

Our accuracy is enabled by assessing the whole market before we analyse a distribution channel or product category. We ensure we understand a market and that “it all adds up” by reconciling market supply through to household consumption.

To deliver new levels of market insight we have developed a purpose designed set of collection tools, which provide us with unique perspectives and the capacity for deeper insights. This data levers off our sole focus on food markets, where we continue to build stronger skills and analysis processes, aimed solely at interpreting food market dynamics.”


 Freshlogic Analytics is a complete set of fresh food market information and insights made available through an online access system. Designed to provide access to a       fuller set of market information and informed by market data gathered through the range of unique Freshlogic research tools and analysis methods which include:

 • The Mealpulse™ food consumer panel and DocketData, which captures consumer attitudes and actual food buying behaviour.

  • Capture of product level detail of all retail promotional activity in retail promotional activity in Adwatch™.
  • Capture of product level supply chain pricing at wholesale, retail and sum household levels.
  • THRUchain™ modelling systems that define and reconcile volume supplied with distribution channel and household consumption.

Analysis dashboards are refreshed at weekly, monthly and quarterly frequencies and include availability to up 10 years of historical data and analysis.

The analysis capacity is enabled by Tableau business intelligence software, which has been selected as best of class available. Subscribers have 24-7 system access, plus the advanced analysis and visualisation capacity of Tableau software.

   The dashboards available and their content includes;

Category Analysis

A set of 10 dashboards that profiles the volumes and values of each category as it travels through the supply chain. Includes coverage of over 50 fresh fruit and vegetable categories with content that includes;

  • Supply & Distribution profiling retail, food service, and export distribution channel share.
  • Wholesale price per kg weekly.
  • Category retail market size in volume and value.
  • Product group level sales contribution.
  • Retailer MAT market share by volume and value quarterly.
  • Australian and international export market, trade data and analysis.
  • Category customer conversion for each major supermarket.
  • Food service share by sub-channel.
  • Household buying metrics by category, profiling; household penetration, number of shopping trips, quantity purchased and price paid.

Household and consumer attitudes, values and food buying behaviour

A set of responses from households that provide insight and up to 10 years history, designed to guide category development.

  • The importance of attitudes and values in influencing buyer behaviour.
  • Product attributes consumers are willing to pay more for.
  • Supermarket shoppers who also buy from a specialist greengrocer.
  • Reasons for shopping at a specialist greengrocer.
  • Split shopping patterns.

Adwatch TM

Product level price detail of all fresh food retail advert activity in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA that reaches at least 50% of the metro region in each state capital.

  • Coverage of all fruit and vegetable categories.
  • Captures daily activity, media form, products & price details.
  • Refreshed weekly and with 5 years’ history.
  • Analysis dashboards tools to assess product group level by retailer and state market.

Weekly Pricing and Trading Influences

A set of tactical pricing and trading information that is designed to profile the pulse of the market.

  • Coverage of all fruit and vegetable categories.
  • Updated weekly
  • Summarises patterns in Wholesale, Retail and Retail promotional activity.


Contact Freshlogic for sample access or more information on annual subscription packages.

Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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