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Gastrograph AI has designed the first artificial intelligence platform to interpret and predict flavor preferences for over a billion unique consumer groups. This technology empowers you to look beyond trends, and formulate unique, novel and successful food and beverage products based on custom sensory intelligence.

Gastrograph AI have modeled over 1000+ flavor signatures that are easy to interpret by formulators. Have a rare Portuguese flavor? Find other major consumer groups for it based on palette and perception data. Have a flavor that hasn’t been modeled yet? Create a new signature and Gastrograph AI will optimize it for your audience.

The platform’s machine learning capability allows you to reduce, reuse and recycle data for ongoing and future research, expediting product time to market. Gastrograph AI enables food and beverage product innovators to re-engage with consumers in a manner that is safe and effective through its remote, data-driven insight engine. It allows companies to predict consumer preferences in 28 markets globally using just 10-15 product reviews from employees working from home through their mobile app. The platform can then translate those profiles to the perception of any target consumer demographic and predict the distribution of preference based on those sensory features.

How spicy will your prototype taste for the average coastal Chinese consumer? Or how sweet will your confectionary be perceived by Hispanic Americans? Will millennials prefer this prototype to our existing product?  Gastrograph AI is uniquely enabled to answer these types of questions without empirical measurements from the target population because data on their preferences has already been collected.

Gastrograph AI is trained with the largest and most diverse sensory dataset ever collected on on-market food and beverage products. That data is used to train models that are applied to predict consumer preference as opposed to re-measuring it for every project.


Rating: 5.0/5. From 2 votes.
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