Hormel Health Labs debuts a new coffee drink for people with Dysphagia

Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe difficulty swallowing, and affects millions of people, including 1 in 25 adults. Dysphagia can occur in any age group but is most common in adults – an estimated 40% of nursing home residents have dysphagia. It occurs in a range of forms and can have life threatening consequences. Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks are the latest in a line of more than 250 products specifically designed for those who have difficulty swallowing.

Thick & Easy® Coffee Sticks are the newest addition to the line of Thick and Easy® hot drink mixes. The coffee sticks introduce an improved swallowing agent thickened with xanthan gum to traditional products thickened with starches, which can be more problematic. The product is also decaffeinated to help individuals avoid dehydration.

The coffee sticks are available in two consistencies to meet individual dietary needs; IDDSI level 3 consistency which is moderately thick, and IDDSI level 2 consistency which is mildly thick.

Hormel Health labs have developed products to counter dysphalgia, malnutrition, cancer treatment, diabetes, digestive health and sodium restricted diets. Find out more at https://www.hormelhealthlabs.com/.

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