Independent Brewers Association releases beer recall plan

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Today the IBA is pleased to launch our Beer Recall Plan.

As our sector expands – alongside the individual businesses within it – more and more of our members are branching out beyond their tap rooms into on-premise and packaged beer supply.

One of the challenges for brewers entering the commercial market is navigating the increase in regulatory requirements and responsibilities, including the requirement to have a written recall plan in place.

We’ve created the IBA Beer Recall Plan and Beer Recall Information Pack to make it easier for you to understand and meet these requirements, and to help you prepare your business for the event of a recall.

What are recall plans? 

A recall plan is a written document that is specific to your business. Recall plans are designed to protect the health and safety of consumers by ensuring that businesses are prepared to recall unsafe food quickly and at any time.

Why is beer recalled? 

Beer may be recalled for a variety of reasons due to issues with packaging or with the beer itself. The IBA is working on a variety of initiatives to assist you in minimising the risk of these issues arising.

Food recalls most often occur due to mislabelling of allergens and other labelling issues. It’s therefore essential that you have read, understood and implemented the IBA Beer Labelling Guidelines.

How do I use the IBA Beer Recall Plan? 

The IBA Beer Recall Plan consists of two documents. The IBA Beer Recall Information Pack provides background information and a brief summary of recall requirements. The IBA Beer Recall Plan is a written plan that contains steps, checklists and templates of what to do in the event of a recall.

Go to our Recall Plan page below, download the documents and run through the steps on our website. If you have any questions about the Beer Recall Plan, please send us an email at

Indies entries open next week 

Indies entries open in one week! We’ll be underway on 30 May. We look forward to seeing all the beers you have in store for us.

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