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The Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 comprises 10 great new food and agriculture startups. We introduced readers to three of them back in April.

The group is now eight weeks into the Rocket Seeder program and making great progress developing their pitch and testing their business model assumptions. Meet three more of the Autumn Crop 18 startups below.

The Good Seed Kefir

The Good Seed Kefir produces a sparkling water kefir probiotic beverage, which is naturally fermented using organic ingredients and hand bottled by their small production team. Co-founders, Ivy Ong and Adrian Soon, founded the company out of their own need for the beverage. “It was mainly for our own health that we realised we needed something to help with our gut issues”, explained Ivy.

After making the fermented drink themselves and consuming it on a daily basis, the couple noticed positive changes. Adrian’s gut health problems became manageable and Ivy saw a huge change in her psoriasis, a skin condition she was diagnosed with at the age of three.

“It was a big enough change for us to say, ‘Hey, maybe it is the drink!’” said Ivy.

Ivy and Adrian started testing the market through their family’s soup stall at farmers markets across Victoria. They shared the product with other vendors and friends, who saw immediate health benefits after consuming the product. A friend of Ivy and Adrian’s tried the beverage and saw their gastric reflux improve significantly, so they started purchasing the beverage. The Good Seed Kefir grew from there and is now stocked in retail outlets across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia.

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Keep It Simple

In an attempt to address her own food intolerances, Shani Timms, Founder of Keep it Simple, began to create clean and healthy meals to fuel her body with nutritious food.

Initially, Shani was looking at eating healthy and preparing convenient meals to resolve her gut health issues. Shani soon realised that her health issues extended to feeling overworked, stressed and feeling physically and mentally exhausted from the demands of her full-time job. Cleaning up her diet was the cornerstone of her health journey and was the springboard for her startup.

 “I was creating super clean meals that were gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, not using any nasty oils, and really focusing on whole foods” said Shani.

Her food intolerances and day-to-day struggles were what pushed her to get creative and make balanced meals that she and others could enjoy!

Then, after realising there wasn’t a meal service on the market that aligned with her food ethos, Shani saw an opportunity to share her recipes with others in the form of a healthy meal delivery service.

Keep It Simple is currently aimed at busy individuals who like being active, healthy, and who want to make some positive changes in their life. “Through my research I found that a lot of people who attend gyms are time poor. They work long hours and then workout at the gym. They would rather spend an hour in the gym than an hour in the kitchen. They don’t have much time to prepare healthy meals,” explained Shani.

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Tackling iodine deficiency one sprinkle at a time

Through research, Sarah Leung, Founder of alg Seaweed and experienced dietitian, identified a common iodine deficiency in Australians and expectant mothers.

While on the hunt to find a food or ingredient that’s rich in iodine, Sarah came across Tasmanian Wakame seaweed. Seaweed is a nutrient powerhouse providing our bodies with many macro and micro nutrients. Each serve of alg provides fifty-five percent of the recommended daily intake of iodine.

“So many people are iodine deficient so I thought it would be a great opportunity to educate people about this, in particular thyroid function and foetal brain development issues associated with a diet low in iodine,” says Sarah.

It has been twelve months since the five original hand harvested, Australian alg Seaweed products launched. Sarah has been selling her beautifully crafted sprinkles at farmers markets and through her online website. Alg Seaweed can be added to salads, meat, eggs, avocado and fish, as well as incorporated into many traditional cuisines.

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Below are the three Rocket Seeder startups featured in the 17 April post:

Life Cykel – Tackling the problem of coffee ground waste one mushroom at a time

Life Cykel was created with the intention of connecting people back to growing their own food with simplicity.

Ryan Creed and co-founder Julian Mitchell are repurposing the use of coffee ground waste to grow gourmet mushrooms, “essentially we are creating solutions for the planet using the circular economy as our compass”.

Both Ryan and Julian worked as health professionals in the West Australian mines until their interest in health and a passion for nutrition provided their drive to entice people to grow their own food. “Mushrooms were the food we could grow from coffee waste, which also had significant health benefits for both humans and the environment” explains Ryan. Read more here

Curry Favour – Fresh, vibrant flavour inspired by South East Asia

Melbourne based chef-turned-entrepreneur, Bridget Francis, has created an honest and versatile curry paste with no preservatives, providing an easy way to make friends with flavour.

Bridget spent part of her childhood living in Cambodia, which has been a driving force in her food journey.

“I have been a chef for about 8 years working in Melbourne restaurants but I always find that my cooking comes back to southeast Asian cuisine”. Bridget is “very much in tune with the culture, colours, smells, sounds and the vibrancy of this part of the world.”

Bridget was making fresh curry pastes in a restaurant she was working at and wanted to recreate this at home. But, like most Australians, she was busy and too tired to undertake the intensive process as part of her meal preparations. She opted for store bought pastes only to find them lacking in flavor and full of preservatives.

This is how Curry Favour was born; fresh, versatile curry pastes that are quick and easy to use. Read more here

Winery Lane – Connecting winemakers with winelovers

Co-founders, Steve Mobbs and Cameron Harris have identified a gap in the market with the opportunity to bring winelovers and winemakers together like never before.

Steve and Cam knew the incredible potential of wineries across Australia, but also understood the barriers these world-class winemakers faced in connecting with all of their consumers.

“If we think about Perth, it’s the most isolated capital city in the world and then three hours south of that you have Margaret River and the Great Southern Wine Region. So winemakers from these regions, that could essentially take someone a lifetime to get to, are now able to sell their fantastic wines on a regular basis.” Read more here


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