Dr Ranjan Sharma, OzScientific

Name: Dr Ranjan Sharma
Position: Founder & Director
Contact: ranjan@ozscientific.com
Website: http://www.ozscientific.com
Introduction: OzScientific Pty Ltd is a food innovation, R&D and technical services company helping big and small dairy and food companies in their innovation, product development (from concept to commercialisation), ingredient functionality analysis and food processing. Their products and services are based on […]

George Gekas, Badalya

Name: George Gekas
Position: CEO & Co-founder, Badalaya
Contact: george@badalya.com.au
Website: http://http://www.badalya.com/
Introduction: When you need a product made or sourced, you need someone with years of experience in the food and beverage industry. George’s track record of international marketing and operational success covers more than thirty years in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods […]

Hilary Heslop, Tarn Food Consulting

Name: Hilary Heslop
Position: Director, Tarn Food Consulting
Contact: hilary@tarnfoodconsulting.com
Website: http://www.tarnfoodconsulting.com
Blog: https://www.hungryforemore.com/
Introduction: Hilary has been lucky and food has always been the conduit to that luck. She lived in Hong Kong in the last years of the British Crown colony, eating dim sum in Wan Chai and goose on Lantau. She has […]

John Day, ShopAbility

Name: John Day
Position: Director, Business Structure & Process Change, ShopAbility.
Contact: john@shop-ability.com.au
Website: http://shop-ability.com.au/
John Day is a highly accomplished executive with over 35 years senior commercial experience in some of the world’s top blue chip FMCG companies including National Foods, Simplot, Mars, Masterfoods, Uncle Bens, and Bowater Scott.
John has held Executive roles […]

Juraj Durco, FAPIC

Name: Juraj Durco
Position: Director, FAPIC
Contact: fapic@fapicglobal.com
Website: www.fapicglobal.com
Introduction: Juraj Durco has over 18 years’ experience in global leadership, organization and team building. He has extensive experience in research & product development and planning & execution to provide innovative, sustainable and agile FMCG product solutions for customers and partners to achieve successful […]

Will Taing Beanstalk AgTech

Name: Will Taing
Position: Co-founder & Director, Beanstalk AgTech
Contact: will@beanstalkagtech.com
Website: http://www.hypha.asia
Introduction: William firmly believes in the potential for positive social and environmental impact through engaging exponential technologies and commercially scalable business models in the Asia-Pacific region. This is based on the fact that more than half of the population in Asia-Pacific […]