mobiletech primary industries 2018

Innovation through Smart Data – 6th Annual Summit

27-28 March 2018


MobileTECH is one of New Zealand’s largest agritech events.

MobileTECH brings together over 300 technology leaders, innovative developers, early adopters and the next generation of primary industry operators.

MobileTECH 2018 will showcase the digital technologies transforming the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors.

A selection of the 2018 presentations:

Accelerating a connected NZ: What does this mean for the industry?
Andrew Cushen, Deputy Chief Executive, InternetNZ

Is it time for a mindset change within the primary sector?
Conor English, Chairperson, Agribusiness New Zealand

A European perceptive on technology change within the ag sector
MooCall Representative (Ireland)

An insight into agritech growth in Australia
Sam Trethewey, Director, Sproutx (Australia)

Artificial Intelligence: Applications of machine learning & predictive analytics
Greg Peyroux, Managing Director, Iris Data Science

Application of science, technology and data within agri-food value chain
Harry van Enckevort, General Manager of Science & Technology, AsureQuality

Creating a farm-to-plate, transparent and digital supply chain
Andrew Cooke, Director, Rezare Systems + Farmer

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