Monash University new post graduate offerings in the food space

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Monash University, for the first time in its nearly 60 year history is offering students the chance to study and advance their ambitions in the burgeoning industry of ‘food’. 

In 2019, Monash will offer a Masters of Advanced Engineering, food elective (starting late July) and in 2020 a Masters of Food Science and Agribusiness (Semester 1)

Who will study these exciting new FOOD courses?

  • Graduates of science or other disciplines aspiring to be employed in the food industry
  • Graduates from local, Asian and International universities
  • Professional development/upskilling for the ever increasing food industry workforce

Some of the cutting edge topics that will herald the unique Monash Food courses

  • Food science and technology, nutrition, agribusiness, future food supply, consumer and customer understanding
  • Navigating changing planet pressure points on supply (ie, population, health, environment, water,climate)
  • Commercial literacy (P&L, regulations and policy)

Skills developed by taking these courses:

  • Work-ready for current and future food industry
  • Fact finding, innovative and creative thinking
  • Applied thinking and problem-solving (eg, waste utilisation)
  • Management skills, project management, new product development, margin enhancement


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