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OzScientific Pty Ltd is an experienced R&D and technical services company helping big and small dairy and food companies in their innovation, product development, ingredient functionality analysis and food processing.

Founder, Dr Ranjan Sharma, has over 30 years of dairy and food industry innovation and commercialisation experience from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and India.

OzScientific Pty Ltd is a Registered Service Provider for the Food Innovation Voucher program.

Case study – Spray drying technology

OzScientific Pty Ltd is undertaking a pre-feasibility study on spray drying technology for value adding to agriculture and food produce in Manjimup, Western Australia.

Spray drying is a widely used technique for the production of food, dairy, pharmaceutical and nutritional powders. Spray drying involves introducing fine sprays of a concentrated liquid into hot air being blown into a tower or chamber. As the small droplets make intimate contact with the heated air, they flash off their moisture, become small particles, drop to the bottom of the tower and are removed. The key advantage of spray drying is that it exposes the feed to a low heat and short time drying combination which leads to a nutritionally and functionally superior quality product. This means heat-sensitive foods, biological products and pharmaceuticals can be dried at atmospheric pressure and low temperatures. Ingredients in the dried form have extended shelf life and can be cost-effectively transported worldwide. Potential applications of spray drying include anioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable powders, dairy and vegetable protein powders, micro-encapsulated bio-active ingredients such as omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil), essential oils, probiotics, nutraceuticals., etc.

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