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Packaging innovation to improve waste outcomes

Case study
The applicant produces safe food packaging for the catering sector. Wastage, spoilage and micro-organism growth continue to be problems.
To decrease supply chain costs, and reduce the use of plastics and food wastage, the business collaborates with an R&D facility to research and develop packaging – using paper-based degradable materials […]

OzScientfic Pty Ltd

OzScientific Pty Ltd is an experienced R&D and technical services company helping big and small dairy and food companies in their innovation, product development, ingredient functionality analysis and food processing.
Founder, Dr Ranjan Sharma, has over 30 years of dairy and food industry innovation and commercialisation experience from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark […]

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Victorian Food Innovation Network
The virtual Victorian Food Innovation Network is a key initiative of Goal 3 of the Victorian Food and Fibre Sector Strategy.
The Network provides a single source of information for Victorian food businesses looking to engage with innovation services providers, such as universities […]