Register for CSIRO’s Impact7 event coming up in August

From saving newborn lives to decontaminating soil to uncovering the mysteries of space; IMPACT7 2018 showcases the Australian research making a huge impact. Over one discovery-filled day, hear how researchers are addressing the major challenges facing our globe.
In partnership with CSIRO, IMPACT7 2018 will spotlight high-impact research from across the nation, connect researchers with people who can amplify the impact of their work, and inspire the audience with visions of a better future.

Attend to:

  • Discover the ways in which Australian research is making a positive impact on our future.
  • Meet the passionate people driving the latest wave of research across health, energy, work, the environment, and other issues facing our region.
  • Join an ecosystem of over 300 investors, corporate decision makers, R&D leaders, government representatives, and non-profits who are all striving to have an impact on our world.
  • Play a significant role in amplifying the impact of ambitious research: you could be the missing piece that’s needed to take an initiative further.
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