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Best Exchange Group Pty Ltd

Chord Advisory

Crowe Horwath Australia

GYB Regional – Grow Your Business

Grant Thornton Australia Ltd

Inspirative Training Pty Ltd (Vative)

Madison Cross Australia Pty Ltd

Minter Ellison

nem Australasia Pty Ltd

Norton Rose Fulbright

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC Vic)

Robert Weller and Associates

Strategic Project Partners

TXM Lean Solutions Pty Ltd


[sta_anchor id=”best” unsan=”Best”]Best Exchange Group Pty Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Martin Szakal, Managing Director


M: +61 421 324 509


The Best Exchange Group P/L (AUS) (trading as Global City Connect), connects organisations internationally through value based relationships.

Based in Bendigo, Victoria, the company has two international offices; one in China, and one in Malaysia servicing South East Asia.

Through their platform they identify, build and maintain transaction based relationships, that align with predetermined strategic goals, predominantly for Victorian businesses. (95% VIC)

Their services are bespoke and highly customised.  They work with their clients to create highly targeted strategic plans and execute resulting tactics to engage, facilitate and convert trade opportunities in international markets. They focus on niche products, exporting specialist I.P. and value-added products created in Central and North Central Victoria.

Global City Connect is a very well networked organisation both domestically and internationally, offering unique access and opportunities to businesses, industry groups and local government departments.

[sta_anchor id=”chord” unsan=”Chord”]Chord Advisory[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Ric Sotelo, Director


M: 0412432887


Chord Advisory is a mid-market corporate adviser providing financial and strategic advice, on mergers and acquisitions, equity capital raisings and debt financing. Chord Advisory’s directors have each gained more than 20 years’ experience in delivering these services.

Chord Advisory holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (no. 499615).

They work very closely with clients to make businesses and projects “Investor Ready” prior to an equity capital raising or debt financing. This helps their clients increase the chances of success as well as helping them achieve a better outcome from their raising.

An investor readiness project may include the following:

  1. Developing an Information Memorandum that adequately explains the opportunity to potential investors
  2. Developing a professional financial model of the business (i.e. of the standard expected by professional investors)
  3. A review of existing business plans and business strategy, identifying the competitive advantages of the business and how they are maintained, market opportunity, etc.
  4. Documenting key contractual arrangements (e.g. customer contracts and supply agreements), employment arrangements, ownership structures, regulatory regimes and governance arrangements.

Chord Advisory is expert in coordinating investor readiness projects through to raising equity capital from private and public equity markets, including IPOs.  They are also experienced in assisting clients to obtain the best outcome from debt raisings.

[sta_anchor id=”crowe” unsan=”Crowe”]Crowe Horwath Australia[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Amelia Hartney, Associate Partner


P: +61 2 6021 1111

M: +61 458 027 673


Crowe Horwath provides professional services for clients looking to export to Asia via market access, customs and supply chain strategies. Additionally their tax team specializes in R&D advice, innovation and product development. The firm has also recently built a community fund and specialist team to directly work with social enterprises and not-for-profit groups.

With over 110 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, their vast geographical footprint provides clients with direct access to over 3,000 expert advisers and professionals. Crowe Horwath is located in most regional, rural and metropolitan areas.

[sta_anchor id=”gyb”]GYB Regional – Grow Your Business[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Christopher Green, Managing Director


M: +61 437 733 636


GYB Regional is a Regional Business Consultancy specialising in Strategic Planning, Market Development, Export Marketing (QIP EMDG Consultant). Chris has worked with many of the most entrepreneurial businesses throughout the region as a highly respected business consultant over the last 16 years and has delivered many RDV programs, including but not limited to MY Business My People, Grow Your Business, Business Continuity and Business Intelligence Program. GYB Regional has an extensive client base in North East Victoria which would benefit from the Voucher Programs available.

[sta_anchor id=”grant” unsan=”Grant”]Grant Thornton Australia Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Jacky Millership, Partner


P: +61 3 8663 6723

M: +61 410 409 021


With an abundance of land and natural resources, and a reputation for quality products, the Australian food and beverage industry is in a strong position for continued growth and investment.

Grant Thornton’s food and beverage industry team understands the opportunities and issues across all sub-sectors of the industry, and across all aspects. They advise at all stages of the food and beverage lifecycle – from production through to processing, packaging, distribution, export and beyond – and understand the pressures of running a business and the steps required to reach the business’s strategic goals.

They can help position a business to capitalise on the latest industry trends and innovations and provide expert advice on exports, international trade, merger and acquisitions, supply chain management, financing, tax, audit, and more.

By working with Grant Thornton, clients gain access to global expertise and relationships worldwide.

Grant Thornton’s global network is made up of more than 50,000 Grant Thornton people, across over 135 countries. This includes Australia, which has more than 1,160 people working in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. They have scale, combined with local market understanding. That means they are everywhere you are, as well as where you want to be.

Grant Thornton’s investor ready services include:

  • Merger and Acquisitions: Seamless support brings real value to the M&A process, ensuring parties remain informed, processes are completed smoothly and efficiently and superior outcomes are achieved.
  • Transaction advisory services: The Operational Deal Services (ODS) team provides practical advice to ensure the greatest possible outcome and value from business transactions through a robust approach to strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, value mapping and change management.
  • Valuation services: This team provides clients with access to dedicated practitioners with in-depth expertise in the valuation of shares, hybrid securities, businesses and related intangible assets.
  • Financial modelling services: This team specialises in providing custom-built financial models that enhance the decision-making process, including feasibility, scenario, forecasting and cash flow analysis.

[sta_anchor id=”inspire”]Inspirative Training Pty Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Theo Pappas, Director


P: +61 1300 82 84 83

M: +61 451 855 558


Vative is a Victorian based consulting and training provider that has been servicing the manufacturing industry for over 10 years.

Their range of specialised consulting services includes business analysis and strategy, project management and outsourcing, quality, safety and environmental management, leadership mindset development and executive coaching.

Their training services incorporate structured and proven lean manufacturing techniques which are designed to raise the level of employee skills in alignment with business goals and objectives by improving profitability, product / service quality and team morale. Vative’s programs educate employees on process efficiency and instil a culture in the work place that drives towards an overall growth strategy through flexibility, quality, transparency, standardisation, empowerment, and continuous improvement, helping businesses become more efficient through the reduction of wasted effort and a focus on value added operations.

[sta_anchor id=”madison” unsan=”Madison”]Madison Cross Australia Pty Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Tony Karabatsas, Director


P: +61 3 9605 9000

M: +61 419 010 033


Madison Cross is a specialist strategy and operations organisation with strength in corporate and business strategy, business transformation, marketing and customer, product and service offer development, supply chain, operations / process optimisation and technology. The organisation has a very experienced team of senior consultants who have been on both the Executive Team of many small, medium and large organisations as well as having been partners and senior consultants across all of the major global consulting organisations. The focus of Madison Cross is to develop and implement practical strategies that deliver real results to organisations.

[sta_anchor id=”mint” unsan=”Mint”]Minter Ellison[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Jason Mullen, Senior Manager – Pursuits


P: +61 8608 2774

M: +61 408 574 278


MinterEllison is a leading Australian commercial, risk and legal advisory firm. Their multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers, technology consultants, governance experts, tax consultants, design thinking experts, business transformation experts and registered IP and patent attorneys who bring together a broad range of expertise to deliver solutions to different organisations in all sectors and at different stages of growth. They have a strong presence in Asia and specialise in Process Innovation; Intellectual Property; Market Positioning and Labelling.

[sta_anchor id=”nem”]nem Australasia Pty Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Andrew Jones, Director


P: +61 3 9809 8888

M: +61 404 480 527


nem has 45 partners, spanning Australia, NZ & Singapore. nem has been working with Victoria’s medium businesses and supporting government initiatives for many years with their 25 Victorian based partners who have all either successfully owned or managed businesses.

nem is a member of the Business Specialist Advisory Panel for the Latrobe Valley Supply Chain Transition Program (LVCTP). They are experienced in and have deep industry knowledge of the food and agriculture sector.

nem has significant SME based IP such as the Strategic Business Review process. A Business Potential Analysis shows the owner the financial impact of making improvements.  A detailed Improvement Plan is developed in conjunction with their team and provides a step-by-step approach, supported by specific actions and timelines, to improve business performance. nem’s CAMAtm process identifies a businesses competitive advantage (CA) (they all have at least one), as well as markets that may be attractive (MA).

The CAMAtm results are then put on one page for easy viewing. nem can provide all the supporting services eg. capital raising, financial management/analysis, marketing, governance, human resources, interim management, Mergers & Acquisition knowledge etc, to assist the business successfully implement its Development Plan. nem is non-conventional in that staff help the business put the actions in place – they do not just produce a plan and walk away.

[sta_anchor id=”norton”]Norton Rose Fulbright[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Georgina Hey, Partner


P: +61 2 9330 8210

M: +61 402 970 421


Norton Rose Fulbright is a global law firm. They provide the world’s pre-eminent corporations and financial institutions with a full business law service. Norton Rose Fulbright has 7,400 staff based in more than 52 cities across 30 countries.

Norton Rose Fulbright can assist Australian companies looking for intellectual property advice when seeking to expand their business overseas. They can advise companies in respect of clearing their trade marks for use, seeking registered protection and managing their brands overseas. They have acted for clients in a number of sectors, including in the agribusiness, food, consumer products, pharmaceutical and technology industries.

[sta_anchor id=”price”]Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC Vic)[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Marcus Tierney, Partner


P: +61 3 8603 4358

M: +61 407 055 782


PwC has a dedicated international trade practice across the Asia Pacific. They support clients in evaluating export markets, developing market entry strategies, value chain analysis, navigating regulatory requirements and trade and risk management. PwC has teams in-country across North and South Asia to facilitate better engagements and longevity of relationships abroad.

PwC has extensive knowledge and experience in innovating new ventures building our own platforms such as PwC’s Open Innovation Platform, Airtax and Nifty R&D and helping clients of different sizes and industries create successful new ventures, for example Data61’s UNLOCK incubator. Key to the success of these ventures is innovation partnered with commercialisation and business acumen.

PwC has been engaged by its clients to roll-out innovation programs to coach and mentor their workforce to become innovative. They have worked in partnership with QUT to deliver PwC Chair in the Digital Economy to provide digital thought leadership for Queensland. PwC has designed, developed and run numerous innovation events across the country and globally for a diverse range of audiences.

[sta_anchor id=”weller”]Robert Weller and Associates[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Robert Weller, Executive Director


P: +61 3 9431 3788

M: +61 408 352 494


Robert Weller and Associates (RWA) are experienced consultants specialising in providing commercialisation and investment advice to SMEs in the FMCG Food & Beverage and AgTech sectors. Their services include:

  1. Assessing options, and developing a business plan to allow potential investors to understand the opportunity.
  2. Preparing for investment by documenting financial arrangements, ownership/tax structures, legal aspects and governance arrangements for potential investors.
  3. Development of prospectus materials to assist in delivering the pitch or proposition to the investor.
  4. Direct insertion of RWA team members into your business for projects that require specialist skills and assistance such as:
  • product testing, validating, prototyping and verification
  • automating existing processes or operations and streamline internal processes
  • consumer science, research and testing of new product design
  • small volume production to test the commercial viability of new hardware, technology or products
  • initial feasibility plans
  • stress-testing of early concepts
  • identifying and mapping pathways between businesses and innovation service providers (e.g. a research institute).

5.  Non-executive board positions.

[sta_anchor id=”spp”]Strategic Project Partners[/sta_anchor]

Contact: David Mackay, Partner


P: +61 3 9669 6900

M: +61 407 483 951


Strategic Project Partners is a mid-sized, high-impact, general management consulting firm. Based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, they work with Senior Executives, General Managers and CEOs on difficult strategic and operational challenges.

As a generalist management consulting firm they can support organisations across any part of their lifecycle. SPP has a specific capability in end-to-end business development – identifying strategic options, developing innovative solutions, establishing commercial deals with suppliers, channel partners and distributors, and assisting with delivery of an operational outcome.

When SPP delivers projects, whether it’s a strategic study or the implementation of process change, they focus on:

* Excellence in project management

* An obsessive focus on project benefits

* Robust analysis, which is clearly (and simply) communicated

* Bringing experience to bear throughout the project life cycle

SPP’s aim is to deliver high impact, practical results, no matter what industry the organisation is looking to succeed in.

[sta_anchor id=”txm”]TXM Lean Solutions Pty Ltd[/sta_anchor]

Contact: Tim McLean, Managing Director


P: +61 3 96078241

M: +61 404480517


TXM is Australia’s leading Lean Manufacturing consultancy with offices in every state. Home grown in Victoria, TXM is now a global operation with offices in China, UK, France, Canada and the USA. The key to its success over the past 15 years has been its focus on delivering outstanding and sustainable business improvement through Lean, especially for SMEs. TXM consultants pride themselves on being manufacturing people first and Lean manufacturing consultants second. Every member of the team has extensive practical manufacturing experience, including in leadership and management roles in addition to their deep knowledge and experience in Lean Thinking. This means that they develop a program tailored to a client’s unique needs that will deliver a sustainable business transformation.


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