Remedy Kombucha launches energy drink alternative to Red Bull, Mother and V

An Australian kombucha brand is continuing to shake up the fizzy drinks aisle, turning its focus to energy drinks but does their offering compare healthwise to the likes of Red Bull, V and Mother? From today, Melbourne born Remedy Kombucha has launched — Good Energy — to tackle the sugar and caffeine saturated energy drink market.

Remedy’s offering is all-natural and no sugar and is said to be the world’s first kombucha-based energy drink. A Remedy spokesman said their research had found while many Australian millennials were switching to kombucha as a soft drink alternative, 62 per cent of young people were still consuming energy drinks regularly in addition to kombucha.

Nutrition Australia Dietician Aloysa Hourigan told News Corp Australia that Remedy’s drink is better on waistlines than the big energy drink contenders, however it did pose a caffeine risk. “If you’re trying to watch weight and decrease your sugar intake it is a good option,” she said. “The calories are certainly not as high (as Red Bull) but it’s got other additives in it (such as sweeteners) there is evidence that sweeteners are not great for your gut.

Remedy co-founder Emmet Condon said Good Energy contains all the benefits of kombucha such as live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants as well as raw green coffee bean extract, green tea and ginseng. “Until now, there hasn’t really been a healthy, tasty alternative to traditional energy drinks. Remedy Good Energy is a market first and one we think people will jump on-board with having already been bitten by the Remedy booch bug,” he said.

Kombucha’s rise in prominence on supermarket shelves is no accident. According to Nielsen consumer trends data, Australians are switching to perceived healthier drinks. While soft drink sales are on the decline, kombucha sales have grown seven times in the last two years, pinpointing a sweet spot in the market.


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