Refurbished Mildura Abattoir set to reopen

Image courtesy of Agriculture Victoria

The Victorian Government is supporting Meatco’s $2 million refurbishment and recommissioning of the Mildura Abattoir facility, creating 80 new jobs and driving economic growth in the region through exports of up to $32 million a year.

Construction of the new facility is well advanced and Meatco expects to be operational in the coming months.

Meat is Victoria’s largest food and fibre export, valued at $2.4 billion.

In 2016-17 sheep meat was the highest value meat product at just over $1 billion, increasing by $89 million from the previous year.

Meatco plans to process 6,000 sheep, lamb and goats per week at the reopened Mildura facility, with carcasses to be supplied directly to Cedar Meats in Brooklyn for export.

With approximately 25 per cent of Australia’s wild goats located within 300 kilometres north of Mildura, the reopened Mildura abattoir facility will help farmers who struggle with wild goats as pests on their farms.

Once processed, the meat will be exported all around the world to meet the growing demand for sheep and goat products.

In addition to the jobs at the abattoir, the project is expected to create jobs in support industries such as road freight transport, service and maintenance providers and other suppliers.

Through the $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, the Government is supporting initiatives across regional and rural Victoria that make regional Victoria a better place to live, work and do business.

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