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Do you have a farm business management related question you would like answers to? Then ask our panel of experts!

What is Ask an Expert?

The ‘Ask an Expert’ Function is a place where you can ask questions of our Community of Practice members, the experts behind the articles on the Young Farmer Business Network. Here you can ask a question, view questions asked from other young farmers or view the response from the experts. Located in the ‘Ask an Expert’ tab at the top of the website, you can view questions and the answers submitted by other members of the network, and you can also ask your own. The function gives you access to our Community of Practice members so you can further develop your knowledge about farm business management, decision making, and any other farm business topic you may be wondering about. There is no such thing as a ‘dumb question’ so don’t be afraid to ask!

How do I ask a question?

Using the submission box, you can enter any question you may have, and it will be passed on to an appropriate expert, depending on who is the most appropriate person to answer. We will then publish their response for you. It really is that simple!

Who can see my questions?

When submitting questions you can make it ‘public’ where others will be able to see; or ‘private’, where only yourself and our experts will be able to read the post. If you make your question private, you will still receive an answer from one of our experts, however only you will be able to see the response. If you choose to make your question public to the network, other users will be able to search your question and see the answer. By having the option for public questions, the network is able to support each other in their learning. After all, you never know when you might be thinking of the same question as someone else!

Who are the Experts?

Our panel of experts include Agricultural Economists, Consultants, and Agriculture Victoria members. Click here to view the expert profiles.

Have a question?

Click here to ask the experts a question. 

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