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.@msmclean777 @VicGovGrains While it is a little-known seed and stubble-borne disease, for the past three seasons Red leather leaf has been identified the “most common and severe foliar disease of oats crops”.

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One of the country’s leading authorities on #Rhizoctonia, @SA_PIRSA's Dr Alan McKay takes us through identification and best management practices.

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Turnip yellows virus (TuYV, formerly known as Beet western yellows virus) is a widespread & damaging virus that can cause yield losses in canola & pulses. Conditions in the Wimmera in 2020 were favourable for TuYV infection. For more information on TuYV: https://buff.ly/2Un8aoJ

Would you like a pathologist in your pocket? The StripeRustWM App could be just what you are after to help you make informed stripe rust management decisions. In our latest video Hari Dadu, Plant Pathologist with @VicGovAg demonstrates how to use it: https://buff.ly/3eL2Xk5

Whoever coined the phrase: "Resistance is futile" has never seen #striperust adult plant resistance genes in action! Two wheat varieties in our @VicCropDiseases stripe rust nursery showing the importance of breeding for resistance. More information below: https://agriculture.vic.gov.au/biosecurity/plant-diseases/grain-pulses-and-cereal-diseases/stripe-rust-of-wheat