Empowering farmers with technology for business resilience

Farmers looking to enhance their resilience and efficiency in the face of challenges can now delve into the AgTech Bytes eLearn Module 5, available through Agriculture Victoria’s Learning Management System. This module explores key questions, such as how AgTech can save time, automate tasks, and contribute to building farm business resilience.

Each micro-lesson is designed to be concise, requiring no more than 5 minutes of your time.

The core focus of the module is farm business resilience, defined as the capacity to overcome adverse events ranging from day-to-day challenges like droughts and pests to global disruptions such as the recent pandemic.

To assess and bolster resilience, the program identifies five crucial components:

    1. Our people
    2. Our farm
    3. Our business
    4. Our landscape, and
    5. Our risks.

The module seamlessly integrates technology into the discussion, demonstrating how various components of farm business resilience can be strengthened through AgTech. Examples include the benefits of:

  • working remotely
  • automation of routine tasks, and
  • data-driven decision-making.

For instance, technology solutions like water monitoring systems, security technologies, automated irrigation, and smart collars are showcased in engaging video content.

To further aid farmers in their journey towards resilience, Agriculture Victoria’s Farm Business Resilience Program is highlighted. This program supports farmers in developing essential knowledge and skills to improve their businesses and manage the impacts of changing climates. The program offers a variety of learning formats, including short courses, workshops, webinars, field days, and farm walks, covering topics like business planning, risk management, farm safety, and climate adaptation. 

For those keen to stay informed, subscribing to the Recovery and Resilience newsletter ensures access to the latest information on Farm Business Resilience Program courses, workshops, and resources. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting, AgTech Bytes eLearn Module 5 provides valuable insights into leveraging technology for a resilient and thriving farm business.

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Images taken from the Agriculture Victoria’s Learning Management System and website.

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