ETO Tool Details



Please note:  For practical reasons, the calculation of the irrigation deficit (cumulative ‘ETc – R’) commences the day immediately after irrigation.  If irrigation water is slow to drain from your bays (eg. longer than 1 day), you may need to increase the suggested target irrigation refill point to allow for this.

Data source:  All evapotranspiration and rainfall data used on this page is provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.  Historic daily ETo and rainfall data is sourced from BoM’s Australian Water Outlook, which is a free service.  Historical daily ETo and rainfall figures may change significantly over time, particularly in the first three days, because improvements are made to the dataset as more data is received by the BoM from different weather stations.  Forecast daily ETo data is from BoM’s Gridded Evapotranspiration Products derived from the Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD).  Forecast rainfall is also from the ADFD.  The ADFD data is acquired by AgVic on a fee for service basis.

Use with care:  This tool only provides a guide and needs to be used in conjunction with other preferred irrigation scheduling methods.  You should make your own enquires as to the appropriateness and suitability of this tool for your particular circumstances.

This tool is currently in a pilot phase and only in draft form.  Please provide your feedback to [email protected].