Alexis Killoran

Alexis works as an irrigation extension officer with Agriculture Victoria, mainly in the beautiful Macalister Irrigation District. She helps run the Sustainable Irrigation Program, offering incentives to irrigators to upgrade their farms to best practice irrigation. She also offers one on one advice to irrigators across Gippsland, and is passionate […]

Nick O’Halloran

Soils and Irrigation Extension Officer with Agriculture Victoria, Tatura.
Nick has over 14 years of experience working in agricultural research and extension.  Nick works with irrigators in northern Victoria to help them adopt efficient irrigation technologies and  practices, including irrigation scheduling tools, whole farm planning and managing soils and soil variability. […]

Rabi Maskey

Rabi Maskey is an Irrigation Extension Officer with Agriculture Victoria located in Tatura.  Rabi has been working as an extension officer in the area of irrigation and drainage technology and was recently involved in developing a series of benefit-cost case studies focusing on different irrigation infrastructure technologies adopted by farmers […]

Rob O’Connor

Irrigation Extension Officer for Agriculture Victoria working in Echuca.  Rob has been assisting northern Victorian irrigators use water more profitably and efficiently for over 20 years.  This has been achieved using a range of services including technical irrigation advice, seasonal conditions related responses and interpretation of government water reforms.  Rob […]

Timothy Robinson

Irrigation Extension Officer for Agriculture Victoria working in Kerang.
Tim has worked within the Irrigation team at Agriculture Victoria since 2010 doing irrigation extension work with landholders and building knowledge across the irrigation sector, particularly around modernisation, water management and irrigation technologies.