CropAlert Blackspot Manager April 2015

CropAlert Blackspot Manager April 2015

Victorian field pea blackspot manager, autumn canola blackleg manager and the new root lesion nematode fact sheet are now available.

Dear Agronomists,

Just letting you know of some updates

  • May Blackspot (ascochyta blight) Management Sowing Guide for Victorian field peas is now
    available on the DAFWA website.
  • The Autumn Canola Blackleg Management Guide for 2015 is now available via the GRDC.
  • The new Root Lesion Nematode Fact Sheet for the Southern Region 2015 is also available
    from the GRDC.

Blackspot (ascochyta blight) manager for field peas

Current predictions are for high to medium risk for blackspot if field peas are sown in the next two weeks for Hopetoun, Horsham and Swan Hill. A medium to low risk for Charlton and Edenhope. With a low risk for sowing field peas at Ballarat, Benalla and Hamilton.

  • Practices to reduce risk if sowing in a high or medium risk period:
  • Do not sow adjacent to field pea stubble.
  • Sow into paddocks with at least 4-year rotation of field pea.

If the potential yield is over 2t/ha, then use P-Pickel T and apply mancozeb (2kg/ha) at 9 nodes stage and again at early flowering (SARDI Field pea disease management guide).

In short season districts field pea crops should be sown early, irrespective of the blackspot risk, as the yield loss from a short growing season is often greater than the yield loss from blackspot.

State fortnightly crop disease forecasts are available on the DAFWA website

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