CropAlert Pre-season Newsletter 2018

CropAlert Pre-season Newsletter 2018

Change to contact details:

Horsham reception hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Mon- Fri

Reception phone number: 03 4344 3111

Office hours update

The Horsham reception hours have been updated and now operate between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Anyone dropping samples at reception or calling in to department staff via the Horsham reception number should update their contact times.

Phone number update

The Horsham reception number has changed from 03 5362 2111 to 03 4344 3111 during a transition to VoIP. Please be aware that individual land lines may also have changed and may need to be updated. There will be a redirect in place for 3 months (until October) but we encourage everyone to update their phone book sooner rather than later. Calls from Horsham department landlines will now register as no caller ID. CropSafe staff based at Horsham will be using mobile phones wherever possible to avoid this issue but please be aware that
this affects the whole site including researchers.

Isolate collection

The pulse pathology team is stepping up their disease surveillance this year and are asking agronomists to send in samples of pulse diseases. In particular ascochyta blight and sclerotinia in chickpeas, faba beans and lentils. Bacterial blight in field peas is also being sought.

Envelopes and sampling information can be obtained by contacting Dr Joshua Fanning: [email protected]

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