CropAlert – Stripe Rust August 2021

CropAlert – Stripe Rust August 2021

Stripe rust has been reported in a crop of Trojan wheat, in the Wimmera, near Stawell and in Scepter wheat near Charlton.

This is the first report of stripe rust in a wheat crop in Victoria this season. It is of concern being so early, indicating that stripe rust will be common during the spring months. With this early occurrence, proactive management will be required in varieties without adequate resistance.

Stripe rust

Stripe rust

Wheat crops across the state should be monitored closely for rust with a view to timely fungicide application if warranted. Given the occurrence of a new strain of stripe rust in Victoria it is important to consult a 2021 cereal disease guide to check variety ratings to this strain. Note that some wheat and durum cultivars are now more susceptible to this new strain of stripe rust.

Stripe rust identification, management, and epidemiology can be found in ‘Identification & Management of Field Crop Diseases in Victoria’.

Growers and advisors are encouraged to adopt a three-step approach to assess stripe rust infection.

  1. Review variety ratings using a current cereal disease guide. To ensure the ratings are current do not use one from previous years. The current Victorian guide can be found here.
  2. Monitor crops closely
  3. Use the StripeRustWM app to support decision making. The app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores. A user guide is also attached for those unfamiliar with the app.


Horsham Field Crop Diseases research group (Agriculture Victoria)

For further information and assistance in diagnosing stripe rust, contact the Horsham Field Crop Diseases research group.

Ph: (03) 4344 3111

Email: [email protected]


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The Horsham Field Crop Pathology and CropSafe teams

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