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Healthy approach to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Entrepreneur Susie McLachlan in the kitchen

Above: Susie McLachlan, Founder of Mindful Nutrients, is researching the benefits of Indigenous superfoods to address challenges from attention and mind disorders
Indigenous superfoods sparked the idea for a start-up making health products for attention and mind disorders.
Susie McLachlan hopes to unearth the benefits of foods favoured by Indigenous Australians to […]

Collaborating for success

Rural entrepreneur Elizabeth Wharton in field next to cow

Above: Rural entrepreneur Elizabeth Wharton says connections she made at the Rural Women’s Forum helped boost her business
“Growing up in rural Victoria, I am a farmer’s daughter and granddaughter of a ‘green thumb’. A love of plants and animals runs through my veins. I was the first person in my […]