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emilycrawford asked 6 years ago

We have seen significant damage last season from Codling moth, however were not trapping them. I am interested in the predatory wasp for codling moth. Are we able to purchase this?? If so do you have any contacts?

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emilycrawford answered 6 years ago

Our expert, David Williams, has responded with the following answer:
The wasp for codling moth is not available commercially at present but I have released it at an orchard near Tatura and will be making further releases next Autumn. It is best to release it in Autumn because it feeds on mature larvae that are spun up in cocoons on the trunk. I will add you to the list for autumn.
If you are attempting to trap codling moth in a block that is being treated with mating disruption pheromone (or was treated the previous season) it is important to hang the traps high in the tree and to not place the traps close to any mating disruption dispensers (old or new).  If you are using mating disruption this season then purchase some high dose (10x) pheromone lures, or lures that use a combination of codlemone and pear ester because these work better under mating disruption.

Elizabeth Mace replied 5 years ago

Trichogramma wasps are also an option for codling moth control. They need to be timed for release to coincide with the codling egg lay. They are commercially available until David’s Mastris come to the resucue