Case Study Orchards

As a part of the Apple and Pear IPDM project, Case Study Orchards from each state are documenting their journey implementing IPDM.

Each grower is working with their advisor or an expert associated with this project to implement an IPDM plan and document their progress.

Each month every Case Study Orchard will post their update where others can follow what has been implemented and learn from the outcomes.

Any questions you have about the Case Study Orchards can be posted on the Question and Answers page and we will respond to you within a week.


Michael and Jeremy Smart (Photo: K Dodds)

Orchardist: Michael, Jeremy and Sue Smart

Location: Batlow, NSW.

Size of orchard and type of fruit produced: The orchard is approximately 30 hectares in size and is solely comprised of apples. The orchard is one of Batlow’s highest in elevation and generally receives cool late-Summer and Early Autumn night temperatures helping to ensure good colour development.The Smarts store, pack and distribute through Batlow Apples, predominantly to Sydney and other major Eastern seaboard markets and retailers.

IPDM journey / philosophy: Michael’s IPM journey commenced around 30 years ago in the late 1980’s and early 90’s when he participated in some of the first predatory mite seedings conducted by the late Dr Les Readshaw (CSIRO) and the late Robert McLeod (Batlow Fruit Co-op). Michael was also one of the grower collaborators on a 5 year Apple IPDM research and extension project conducted in the district by Dr Colin Bower, Dr Les Penrose and Kevin Dodds of NSW Agriculture from 1990-1995. Michael’s son Jeremy recently returned to the family orchard and is now actively engaged in this current IPDM project as a case study orchardist.


Case Study Update: Batlow NSW – March 2019

Case Study Update: Batlow NSW – February 2019



David Finger on his orchard in the Yarra Valley (Photo: D Williams)

Orchardist: David and Sue Finger

Location: Launching Place, Yarra Valley, VIC

Size of orchard and type of fruit produced: 26ha apple orchard. Supply fresh market.

IPDM journey / philosophy : Have been doing IPDM at various levels for 40 years.


Case Study Update: Yarra Valley VIC – March 2019

Case Study Update: Yarra Valley VIC – February 2019














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