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Linda Mackenzie asked 4 years ago

I have had die back of branches, stems and leaves on my apple and pear trees for 10 years now. Originally they were doing well but after about 5 years the die back started to happen. The drainage around the trees can be problematic, it can get very wet after prolonged rain but the symptoms only started a short while after we had major earthworks done for out new house above the site of the trees. I was suspicious that the machinery had brought in phytophthora, and have since been careful while pruning or risking soil contamination elsewhere on the property. My questions is: can you tell by the photos what the problem is and if it was phytophthora  would the trees still be alive and fruiting after 10 years with the pathogen.

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emilycrawford answered 4 years ago

Hi Linda,
Unfortunately no photos are attached. You can upload photos directly to the website by clicking on the upload icon, or email them directly to us at [email protected]