Agrifutures Australia Producer Technology Uptake Program (PTUP)

The AgriFutures Australia Producer Technology Uptake Program (PTUP) commenced in 2021 to support producer groups to increase adoption of technology and innovation solutions on-farm.

Digital technologies are critical to increased productivity through optimising input use, more timely decision making, labour savings and improved market access.

The PTUP aims to establish a national network of farmers, fishers and foresters that champion and accelerate innovation and practice change on-farm. The program works with well-connected producer groups who know and understand their local producers’ needs, including gaps in knowledge, skills and experience that prevent them from implementing agtech innovation.

The national initiative rolls out program activities over a 12-month period to drive peer-to-peer learning and is delivered across three tranches:

  1. farm-tech capacity building planning workshops
  2. tech adoption grants and
  3. access to the online Producer Technology Uptake Program  Community of Practice (CoP).

The program has recently been developing resources that build the capacity of producers to adopt technology and innovation, and includes factsheets like this introduction to API in Agriculture and the potential for life changing data interaction and an introduction to Farm Management Systems, One piece of technology to invest in now… or very soon).


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