Experience the Agtech revolution: Smart pump solutions to boost your farm’s productivity

D connect Dashboard on the computer, tablet or smart phone

Are irrigation challenges affecting your crop yield and causing unnecessary stress?

Irribiz, a leading provider of smart agricultural solutions, has the answer.

D Connect is an IoT-enabled pressure pump system that monitors water pressure, flow rate and energy consumption and relays this data to a cloud-based system designed exclusively for pumps. Farmers can use the smart phone app to have real-time visibility into the performance of their pumped water system by tracking water usage, pump performance and displaying immediate updates on potential problems or sending alerts prior to problems occurring. This information can also be shared between farmers, engineers, or trusted consultants on the dashboard.

The D Connection pressure pump systems keeps pump records for over 12 months allowing the farmer to review pressure fluctuations and amperage spikes based on historical performance. The pump system helps prevent crop loss or damage prior to it occurring and is compatible with several DAB Pumps Oceania products.

Farms of the Future article ‘Experience the AgTech Revolution: Smart pump solutions to boost your farm’s productivity‘ contains quotes from farmer Stuart Thomas, who utilises D Connect on a drip irrigation system, and Mark Russell, a Service Engineer at Irribiz.

This video explains DAB’s purpose to combine digital services with their knowledge on pumps to deliver a complete solution enabling remote control of installations, simplification of daily work, increased customer satisfaction, advice on sales models, and preservation of water.

Video courtesy: DAB Connect | The Real Revolution

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