NSW DPI AgTech 101 Webinar

This webinar recording will give you many of the insights you need when beginning your AgTech journey. Whether you’re new to the world of AgTech, or looking for the next step, on farm host Scott McKinnon is joined by a panel of leading Government, Industry and Farm Experts to take you through this journey. From the Farms of the Future Program, to accessing training, through to making sense of connectivity, technology implementation and return on investment – this is the first in a series of three webinars that provides viewers with an introduction to AgTech.

AgTech and its influence on the digitisation of agriculture has come a long way from the advent of personal computers – as devices get more and more accessible for the consumer, so does the scope of IoT devices and the connectedness of our systems on farm.

This video contains a full background to the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund and the Regional Digital Connectivity (RDC) program.

If you’re looking for training opportunities to improve you or your staffs’ knowledge of Digital Agriculture and AgTech the team from Tocal present a background to the training programs on offer to students and the opportunity to undertake these courses.

Dr Allen Benter takes viewers through the NSW DPI Digital Agriculture Program which includes an overview on projects and programs both past and current, showcasing the applications, technology and partnerships of AgTech in both commercial and research-based settings.

On farm connectivity can be a bit of a jungle with a multitude of connectivity types in the digital spaces. These types contain a myriad of letters, numbers, abbreviations and acronyms. Anthony Clark from the NSW DPI takes us through these connectivity types and helps viewers differentiate and identify these connectivity types, helping you tell your Cat-M1 from your LoRaWan!

Making your technology work for you in the long run and the pay back to you as a farmer through the return on investment (ROI) is discussed by Darren Price from Price Rural Management.

AgTech has the power to generate a significant ROI for you as a producer

In this segment Darren takes a deeper dive into some common on farm applications for AgTech;

  • how to critically analyse your activity to determine your pain points
  • implementing devices to suit your needs and
  • crunching the numbers to demonstrate how your investment in AgTech can benefit you financially in the long run!

We finish with Tim Gentle taking viewers through the new and innovative ways of demonstrating AgTech on farm.

this technology will enable people to view, virtual space technology applications on farm and get a little bit of virtual dust on their boots from the comfort of your office or boardroom!

Although some of the information in the webinar may be out of date, the insights regarding AgTech and its implementation on your property is still very much relevant and worth checking out.

Key moments:

  • 15:22 Farms of the Future DPI Pilot, Scott McKinnon
  • 20:21 Regional Digital Connectivity Project, Rhys Pirie
  • 25:03 AgTech Skills & Learning, Matt Notley
  • 37:35 Digital Ag DPI Projects, Dr Allen Benter
  • 52:41 Connectivity Options, Anthony Clark
  • 1:03:52 Technology & ROI, Darren Price
  • 1:16:11 eRources, Tim Gentle


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