Unlocking the power of on-farm connectivity: More than just Tech

The digital age of agriculture has dawned upon us, and it’s more than just buzzwords and shiny gadgets. Think about it: real-time sensors under your soil guiding your irrigation strategies, wearables on your livestock tracking their well-being, or drones soaring above, giving you a bird’s eye view of your crops and any uninvited pests.

For the modern farmer, connectivity on the farm is not just about embracing tech. It’s about smarter decision-making, safer practices, and maximising profits.

A connected farm: What does it look like?

Farm connectivity isn’t a cookie-cutter solution, it requires having a good idea of the problem being solved or the technology solution a farmer is adopting and then match the appropriate connectivity to connect it up. 

Some examples of a well-connected farm:

  • reliable connectivity across his or her paddocks sufficient to use connected machinery and sensors, which can vary from narrowband to broadband depending on how ‘bandwidth intensive’ the apps are. 
  • reliable high speed, high quality (e.g. low latency) broadband at the house and office which allows the farmer to communicate with cloud-based apps that process and analyse the farm data and access banking and accounting services.

Your guide through the connectivity maze: The Regional Tech Hub

Stepping into the on-farm connectivity space can feel overwhelming. That’s where the Regional Tech Hub comes in, guiding farmers to make informed decisions about their connectivity needs. The Hub is more than just a resource; it’s like having a tech-savvy neighbour who understands the lay of your land, the hurdles you’re up against, and the best tools to tackle them.

Here’s how the Regional Tech Hub can help out:

  • Deciphering the myriad of connectivity options out there.
  • Pairing you with the tech that addresses your farm’s unique challenges.
  • Offering insights into the latest gadgets and how they fit into the farming puzzle.
  • Supporting you in your conversations with tech suppliers, ensuring you get the best fit.

With allies like the Regional Tech Hub and the AgTech Community of Practice, the power of farm connectivity is right at a farmer’s fingertips. It’s not just about staying updated; it is about ensuring farmers are equipped to harness the power of on-farm connectivity, driving their operations into a prosperous future.


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