Rob O’Connor

Irrigation Extension Officer for Agriculture Victoria working in Echuca.  Rob has been assisting northern Victorian irrigators use water more profitably and efficiently for over 20 years.  This has been achieved using a range of services including technical irrigation advice, seasonal conditions related responses and interpretation of government water reforms.  Rob has a background in dairy extension and currently has a focus on improved irrigation scheduling using evapotranspiration (“ET”) information and soil moisture monitoring tools.

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Energy assessment tool for centre pivot & travelling irrigation systems

Energy assessments of irrigation systems across the Murray Darling Basin have highlighted huge opportunities to improve irrigation energy efficiency.  However, many farms still ask: 

How can …
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Securing your future water needs: Harnessing carryover and other water products

30 April 2021

Key messages:

Last summer’s La Nina reduced irrigation demand
The MDBA active storage is at 45% (this time last year active storage was at 27%)

Other …
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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) inquiry into Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) water markets – a Victorian irrigation perspective

28 May 2021

Key messages:

Findings from the ACCC report include:

Farmer’s water assets make up about 40% of their farm asset base
Water markets allow farmers to sell …
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