Irrigation Webinar 14: Reading climate drivers for better farm decisions: Reading climate drivers

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This webinar is one of a two-part subseries focusing on how to read and use climate driver information, outlooks, forecasts, and tools to better manage climate risk.

The information and skills gained from the webinar can be used to better anticipate and prepare for upcoming climate and weather conditions. This will help with making earlier and more informed irrigation and farm management decisions, in a variable climate.

Key points

  • Climate driver basics – what is the El Nino, La Nina, Indian Ocean Dipole, and Southern Annual Mode, and how do they affect our weather?
  • Monitoring and using signature climate driver behaviour as an early indicator of dry, wet, or extreme seasonal conditions.
  • Short and long-term climate driver cycles.
  • Seasonal and regional impacts of the different climate drivers.
  • The impacts of prevailing climate driver behaviour on the current and long-term climate outlooks, and on water availability.

Expert speaker

This webinar is presented by Dale Grey, Agriculture Victoria Seasonal Risk Agronomist. Dale is a renowned speaker, author, and analyst, with a comprehensive record of climate knowledge building in the farming community.  Dale is well known for his informative and entertaining delivery style.

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