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The Agriculture Energy Investment Plan (AEIP)

Agriculture Victoria’s AEIP is open to farmers and businesses whose primary operation is in the agriculture sector. The plan provides $30 million to support enhancements to energy efficiency and energy productivity, helping to boost competitiveness and protect local jobs.

In November 2020, a $30 million extension to the AEIP was announced with more details to be made available in early 2021.

For more information visit Agriculture Victoria’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan website

NSW Climate Change Research Strategy  (CCRS)

The CRRS is made up of seven projects across the three key theme areas to deliver benefits and opportunities to primary producers and regional communities, including and energy theme consisting of:

  • Clean Energy Solutions Project ($3m) – Fund innovative energy projects to support clean energy and local energy solutions for primary producers in New South Wales.
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions Project ($4.7m) – Help energy- intensive farms identify options to improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Biomass for Bioenergy Project ($4m) – Investigate innovative approaches to electricity generation using organic matter (biomass) to prepare for new capacity in the electricity grid.

For more information visit the NSW Dept of Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy website

Sustainability Victoria (SV)

SV have a great range of resources to help you reduce energy use in your business and household, with information targeted to farmers and food manufacturers.

The SV website has suggestions for;

  • Industry-specific efficiency
  • Equipment efficiency, and
  • Building efficiency

The SV website also includes a set of videos, produced by WestVic dairy, which provide tips and advice for dairy farmers on how to reduce their energy as well as videos on how to improve your business’s refrigeration efficiency 

SV have also created the energy upgrades tool to help take the guess work out of finding the right energy upgrade opportunity and the relevant funding options for your business.

If you’re looking to undertake an energy audit, SV have also developed a find an energy auditor for your business  directory.

On the SV website you can also access their compare finance options information to help you explore options for paying for energy-saving equipment without the upfront capital.

You can also find out how to understand your power bill, both gas and electricity, through the SV website.

Irrigating Agriculture (CoP)

Like Energy Smart Farming, Irrigating Agriculture is a Community of Practice hosted by the extensionAUSTM web platform. It includes some great water and energy savings information such as this article: Centre Pivot and Lateral Move Performance Check which provides an overview of where inefficiencies in energy and water use can occur throughout centre pivot systems including in the pump, motor, sprinklers, drive mechanism, and end gun. This article also provides practical solutions to these issues and links to useful fact sheets and contacts for Agriculture Victoria irrigation Officers.

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