Case Study update: Adelaide Hills SA, March 2019

Joe Ceravolo, Adelaide Hills SA: 

What are the main IPDM issues being focussed on?

Trying to use minimal chemical inputs. AgXtra are doing a trial on predators for two-spotted mite. There are no codling moth issues in the block but looper, Helicoverpa and lightbrown apple moth (LBAM) are issues.

What are you doing currently with IPDM?

Using mating disruption for codling moth but not trapping for codling moth. Carbaryl applied as a thinner has controlled LBAM, looper and Heliothis (Helicoverpa).

What has worked well? 

Minimal application of insecticide and mite sprays. Transform has controlled apple dimpling bug (ADB) and wooly apple aphid (WAA). Orchard is fully netted using 16mm mesh.

What hasn’t worked well?

Transform may be causing some mite issues and may have hit Aphelinus mali parasitoid against WAA.

What would you do differently next time?

Local agronomist will monitor for codling moth, LBAM, and mites.

Any interesting learnings?

We need to think more carefully about side effects of pesticides and this means we need more information to be readily available to us.

Take home message

The more chemicals we spray the more damage we do.

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