Case Study Update: Batlow NSW – July 2020

In Batlow Jeremy Smart identified woolly apple aphid (WAA) as his major focus, followed by codling moth and apple scab.

Jeremy used mating disruption backed up with Altacor for his codling moth control and spot spraying against WAA where the parasitoid wasp Aphelinus mali or predation by earwigs was insufficient to prevent localised outbreaks.

Jeremy installed a local weather station and used RIMPRO software to help time his codling moth and apple scab sprays. The Rosy Glow block recorded 0.4% codling moth damage and the Fiero block had no codling moth damage. WAA populations at the harvest assessment date were heavily parasitised (70%) by A.mali and mite populations were under control with only 10% leaves infested and predatory mites found on 50% of leaves. Unfortunately, the orchard was affected by the fires that burned through the Batlow area.

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