Case Study update: Lenswood SA, March 2019

Kym Green, Lenswood SA:

What are the main IPDM issues being focussed on?

Gone organic this season. In transition, Biodynamic Principles since 2006. Main issues are moth, scab, bryobia, and canary fly.

What are you doing currently with IPDM?

  • Cydex for Codling Moth using model. 2 sprays.
  • Wettable sulphur as protectant. 3-5 kg /ha.
  • Lime sulphur after event.
  • Eco-carb as eradicant.
  • Copper (Organic hydroxide) @ green tip.

What has worked well?

  • Cydex gave good results initially.
  • Scab program until major event.

What hasn’t worked well?

  • Got caught with 2nd generation CM.
  • Hail damage influenced decision making.
  • Spraying in rain with lime sulphur during major event.

What would you do differently next time?

  • Increase rate to the registered rate (sulphur) bearing in mind potential to burn.
  • Explore organically acceptable ways of reducing inoculum.

Take home message

Observation is Key. Get out into the orchard and “listen” to what the trees are telling you.

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