Case Study Update: Nannup WA – March 2019

Orchardist: Mark Scott, Nannup WA

What are the main IPDM issues being focussed on?

Mites, Apple Dimple Bug, Woolly Apple Aphid, MedFly, brown snails, apple scab, pear scab, powdery mildew, spring beetle, weevils (Apple, G.W, FRW)

What are you doing currently with IPDM?

  • Monitoring Apple Dimple Bug and spring beetle
  • Spot monitor for mites through season, pay attention to known hot spots.
  • Look out for signs of damage.

What has worked well? What hasn’t?

Ducks have worked well for snails, it’s extra work though. Apple Dimple Bug monitoring has worked well.

Woolly Apple Aphid is starting to come back. Need alternatives to Dominex butt sprays and Avatar for weevils.

What would you do differently next time?

  1. Consider storing some Aphelinus for release
  2. Consider sward that supports predators over winter
  3. Oil sprays at green tip for Bryobia

Any interesting learnings?

When you spray something to kill something you usually kill something else as well.

Take home message

The longer I am in the industry the more I realise that I don’t know.

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