Case Study Update: Yarra Valley VIC – July 2020

In the Yarra Valley David Finger had identified codling moth and apple scab as the main concerns in the netted Granny Smith block used for the case study, and mites were becoming an issue.

David used RIMPRO software to guide his codling moth and apple scab control. Aphelinus mali was present in good numbers. Earwigs present in good numbers were probably contributing to WAA and codling moth control. Predatory mites had been released to control two-spotted mites, European red mites, and Bryobia.

David maintains a weed free tree line, root prunes to control vigour, and does not worry too much about the inter-row although he uses a narrow mulching mower that leaves a few weeds on the edge to support predators. He used no insecticides in the case study block and damage was below economic thresholds with only 1.4 % damage by apple dimpling bug, 0.4% damage by codling moth, 0.4% damage from lightbrown apple moth, 0.6 % damage from apple scab and no evident mite damage.

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