Fall Armyworm

It’s important that apple and pear growers do not panic about Fall Armyworm. Although apples and pears have been listed as a host, information from North America suggests that it is unlikely to be a major problem for orchards.

Fall Armyworm (Male) (Photo: Lyle J.Buss, University of Florida)

Fall Armyworm (Female) (Photo: Lyle J. Buss, University of Florida)


There are several Armyworm species in Australia and it can be difficult to distinguish between Fall Armyworm and other common Australian species.

Below is a photo of a Fall Armyworm forewing:

Fall Armyworm (s.frugiperda) male forewing







And below are the forewings of some common Australian species:


Lesser Armyworm (S. exigua) female forewing

Lesser Armyworm (s.exigua) male forewing

Cluster caterpillar (s.litura) male forewing










Southern Armyworm (P.ewingii) forewing






Further Information:

Hort Innovation Fall Armyworm Update and Alert https://www.horticulture.com.au/hort-innovation/news-events/fall-armyworm-update-and-alert/

The QLD Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries is the lead agency for this exotic pest outbreak and more information on how to identify and protect against the pest can be found via their fact sheet and on the QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website


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