Free pest and disease management training for apple and pear growers

Australian apple and pear growers are invited to attend free training in Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM) to help preserve orchard health and viability.

Agriculture Victoria entomologist, David Williams, who is recognized nationally and internationally for expertise in IPDM development and adoption, will be the key speaker at nine workshops being held around Australia in August and September.

David will be joined by local experts and fellow entomologist, Christopher Adams, from Michigan State University.

These free workshops will focus on pests and diseases affecting local orchards in each state, including control measures and chemical interactions.

Orchardists will hear case studies of successful IPDM initiatives and be guided through a process of developing their individual IPDM plans for the coming season.

Participants will also have an opportunity to identify a local pest or disease management issue for further study and will be provided feedback on a recently released IPDM manual.


Workshop schedule:

21 August, 12pm-3.30pm – Tatura, Vic                      30 August, 11am-3pm – Walliston, WA

22 August, 10.30am-2pm – Bundoora, Vic                4 September, 1pm-5pm – Batlow, NSW

23 August, 9am-12.30pm – Campbell Town, Tas     5 September, 1pm-5pm – Orange, NSW

28 August, 8.30am –12.30pm – Lenswood, SA        6 September, 2.30-5.30pm – Applethorpe, Qld

29 August, 11am-3pm – Balingup, WA


For more information about the workshops, or to register to go: or contact Aimee McCutcheon, Agriculture Victoria Horticulture Industry Development Manager , [email protected].

The workshops are part of the IPDM project funded by Hort Innovation using the Apple and Pear research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government.

The Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) is delivering the project in collaboration with Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Western Australia Primary Industries and Regional Development, Tasmania’s Institute of Agriculture; and Lenswood Cooperative.


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