Harlequin Bug activity during harvest

In an IPM system it is usually as we approach Pink Lady maturity that we start seeing the worst of the fruit damage. This autumn, a lot of Harlequin bug activity was recorded in the Batlow district of NSW. As seen in the photos below, juvenile bugs were clustering on timber hail netting posts in a Fiero block that had been harvested.

Harlequin bugs (Photo: K Dodds, NSW DPI)

Harelquin bugs on post (Photo: K Dodds, NSW DPI)











Harlequin bugs (Photo: K Dodds)

There is no effective (registered) treatment to control this apple pest, so most of the suggested IPM approach to control is through cultural practices such as weed control.

Here’s a link to a NSW DPI PrimeFact that I wrote some time ago which includes some advice on cultural practices that will help keep the numbers down: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agriculture/horticulture/pomes/pests-etc/harlequin-bug
Article reviewed by David Williams (Agriculture Victoria)
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