IPDM Manual for Apples and Pears


The  Integrated Pest Disease and Weed Management manual for Australian Apple and Pears – is a revised 2nd edition of the IPM manual well known to many orchardists and advisors in Australia.

The manual covers:

  1. Introduction to IPDM
  2. Developing an IPDM Plan
  3. Key pests and diseases, their activity periods, and monitoring methods
  4. Biosecurity and potential incursions of new pests
  5. Integrated weed management
  6. Pesticides and the Australian Apple and Pear Industry
  7. Pest and Disease Factsheets


Available for download here: Integrated Pest Disease and Weed manual for Australian Apple and Pears 

Edition information:

This is the second edition of the manual, the first having been produced as “Integrated Pest Management for Australian Apples & Pears” in 2009 by Shane Hetherington and edited by Ann Munroe on behalf of Apple and Pear Australia Ltd. Many of the photographs and images from that edition have been retained in this second edition. Additional photographs were sourced from Plant Health Australia, NSW DPI, TIA, WA DPIRD, Agriculture Victoria, and private individuals with acknowledgement embedded with the image.

This edition was prepared by David Williams1 and Oscar Villalta1 with contributions by Stephen Quarrell2, Kevin Dodds3, Paul James4, Alison Mathews5 and Stewart Learmonth5. Jennifer Sexton1 undertook the mammoth task of correcting formatting and other errors.

1 Agriculture Victoria; 2 TIA; 3 NSW DPI; 4 Lenswood Cooperative, 5 DPIRD WA

Funding statement:

Levy funds – R&D projects 

This Manual is an output of project AP16007 “An Integrated Pest, Disease and Weed Management Program for the Australian Apple and Pear Industry” funded by Hort Innovation, using the Apple and Pear industry research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

Additional funding, not managed by Hort Innovation, was provided by the Victorian Government through the Agriculture Victoria group in the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions; the New South Wales Government through the Department of Primary Industries; the Queensland Government through the Department of Agriculture Food and Fisheries; the Western Australian Government through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development; and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture within the University of Tasmania.










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Users of this Manual should take independent action to confirm any information in this Manual before relying on that information in any way.

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