Prepare hives and help hoverflies

If we get a wet spring we may find the bees struggle to get active this year. It’s time to have hives prepared and help the bees by adding attractants. In a very wet season expect to see many hoverflies doing the hard work – don’t spray them and make sure they have healthy inter row habitat. If we do get a lot of hoverfly we can look forward to many larvae predating on pests early in the season.

For further information see our article on Bees and Pollination:

and Agriculture Victoria factsheet on Hoverflies:


Hover fly larva predating on an aphid (Photo credit: David Cappaert,

Adult hover fly on finger to illustrate size (Photo credit: Timothy Gibb, Purdue Agriculture)

Hover fly collecting pollen (Photo credit: Steve Schoof, North Carolina State University)

Article reviewed by Greg Lefoe (Agriculture Victoria)

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