The Caniambo SMM site is located 14km south east of Shepparton and 22km south west of Dookie. It is funded by the Gecko Clan Landcare Network.

Caniambo soil core  Caniambo paddock

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Warren Higgs

Great stuff.
I’d like to see long (or as long as we’ve got) term average overlay on “Summed soil moisture” and “soil temp” charts


thanks for the inquiry Warren. This soil moisture dashboard is a simplified display of data that has been obtained from a range of sources. For this site here at Canniambo, the Gecko Clan manage the network and longer term data would be accessiable but just in a different format. If you would accessing sites that are funded and supported by ag vic, under resources tab and the drop down menu has archived data from the program – Intelliweb. Utimately to keep this dashboard, as clean and simple as possible, only one year of data is displayed, but when you can examine the whole data set (up to 12 years on the ag vic network) it certainly shows the seasonal variability and extremes in weather from year to year. Please contact the Gecko Clan if you have trouble with this

Go to:;
Enter the following user name: [email protected]
Enter the following password: password

Dale -0417339804

    Warren Higgs

    Thanks Dale – great

Warren Higgs


Caniambo sensors dropping out.

Soil Temp at 20cm stopped logging 24/7 and moisture at 50cm stopped on 4/9. Loss of Moisture sensor lead to incorrect overall moisture dropping from98% to 61% over 24 hours


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