Narelle Nancarrow

Image of Narelle Nancarrow holding bag of green liquid

Molecular Epidemiologist, Agriculture Victoria, Horsham

Narelle Nancarrow has been working in the plant virology field since 2008 and since 2015 has been investigating viruses that affect cereal, canola, and pulse crops. Her research examines the incidence, distribution, impact, and control of viruses in Victorian grain crops. It aims to improve the management of virus diseases and reducing their impact. Many viruses that affect grain crops are transmitted by aphids or other insect vectors. Narelle’s research also includes studying the relationships and interactions between plants, viruses, insects, and the environment.
Viruses that affect grain crops in the region include:
  • Barley yellow dwarf virus, Cereal yellow dwarf virus, and Wheat streak mosaic virus in cereals;
  • Turnip yellows virus, Turnip mosaic virus, and Cauliflower mosaic virus in canola; and
  • Turnip yellows virus, Cucumber mosaic virus, Pea seed-borne mosaic virus, Bean leaf roll virus, Alfalfa mosaic virus, and Bean yellow mosaic virus in pulses.

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