Impact of red leather leaf on oaten hay quality and yield

In this video, Dr. Hari Dadu from Agriculture Victoria discusses the impact of red leather leaf (caused by Neospermospora avenae) on oaten hay varieties during 2020 and provides key take-home messages.

This video was recorded on November 8, 2020. All information was accurate at the time of recording.

Transcript – Impact of red leather leaf on oaten hay quality and yield

Further information

The impact of Red leather leaf in milling oats – Trial Report 2020

2020 Oat Red Leather Leaf Disease Nursery

Management of foliar diseases in oats using resistant varieties and fungicides in south-eastern Australia


This trial is part of the National Hay Agronomy project and is supported by Agriculture Victoria, through funding from AgriFutures Australia as part of its AgriFutures Export Fodder Program and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Thank you to Grant Hollaway (Agriculture Victoria, Senior Research Scientist – Field Crop Pathology) and Mark McLean (Agriculture Victoria, Senior Research Scientist – Plant Pathology) for their contribution and expertise.

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