Spot Form of Net Blotch Disease Nursery 2020


Spot form of net blotch is a common disease of barley in Victoria. In this video, Dr. Mark McLean describes how barley varieties are assessed in the Horsham Agriculture Victoria disease nursery and how this information can be used to improve barley varieties for growers.

More information on spot form of net blotch management can be found in the barley net blotches section in the ‘Identification and Management of Field Crop Diseases in Victoria’ manual, the GRDC Spot form of net blotch’ factsheet, and the Agriculture Victoria ‘Net blotches of barley’ factsheet.

Transcript – Spot Form of Net Blotch Disease Nursery 2020


This information has been generated as part of the GRDC funded NVT and Barley Foliar Pathogens projects (DJP1905-002SAX and DJP2003011RTX).

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